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Head Instructor

Sa Bom Peter Murray

Dan Bon: 26551
Soo Bahk Do CTP school number is TB569


Peter Murray Computer Programmer by day Soo Bahk Do Instructor by night.

Ever since starting Soo Bahk Do in 1983 at the Princeton School of Karate Peter has enjoyed his training and has applied his training on a regular basis to his everyday life. The discipline and confidence Peter learned in the martial arts studio helped him get through many everyday challenges. Without his martial arts foundation Peter is positive his life would have turned out very differently.

His passion is to help others discover what he has  from his instructors and to pass this knowledge on to other. While Peter has been instructing since he was a red belt in 1983/4 he obtained his Kyo Sa (instructor) certification in 2009 and his Sa Bom (master instructor) in 2013 along with his promotion to 4th Dan or Master. 


Peter is now teaching at the Martial Arts of Westchester.

Peter Murray's Soo Bahk Do Instructors

  1. 1983 – Master Susan Robin, Princeton, NJ
  2. 1985 – Master Cho, Columbus, OH
  3. 1988 – Master Hwang, Springfield, NJ,
  4. 2007 – Master Frampton, New Windsor, NY,
  5. 2009 – Master Corrales, Salt Lake City, UT,
  6. Present – Grand Master Hwang, Springfield, NJ,


Assistant Instructor

1 Dan Ian Murray

Promoted to Cho Dan 2013

Dan Bon: 48747 (Black Belt)

Ian stared his training 2007 at Frampton's Karate in New Windsor NY. He then conned this training in UT with Master Brian Corrales at the

He now is our assistant instructor and is highly regarded with his ability to connect and affectively teach our younger member as well as assist in class.

He is currently working towards his Cho Don (Black Belt).




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