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5 Moo Do Values


The vision for our Kwan Jang Nim is to ensure the growth of our art for generations to come. The Kwan Jang Nim has identified five areas, known as the 5 Moo Do Values that are vital in the realization of this vision.




Where is history in our training?

  • History of humanity, Moo Do, Korea, Soo Bahk Do, Moo Duk Kwan, Federation, and your Do Jang (click here for a detailed history of the Moo Duk Kwan)
  • Honoring the past (Respect Seniors/Elders)
  • History on the background of Hyung and the other achievements

Why is our history important?

  • Pride and Credibility
  • Backbone of being / Strengthening Identity
  • Appreciate the value of where we are in the present by honoring the past that has made it possible for us to be where we are today
  • Our past history shows us how our present has been formed (created). It is the foundation for us to be able to create our future in a natural way



Where is tradition in our training?

  • Traditional bowing / Beginning and ending ceremony at each class
  • Protocols
  • Shim Sa process / procedures and certifications
  • Dan Bon
  • Moo Duk Kwan Do Bahk (Blue Trim)
  • Way of things we are doing within our training

Why is tradition important in our training?

  • Backbone of being / Strengthening identity
  • Forming unique identity through character development and learning the value of particular traditions

DISCIPLINE / RESPECT [Ki Gang / Jon Kyung]


Where is discipline and respect in our training?

  • In all aspects of our Moo Do (Martial Way) training

Why is discipline and respect important in our training?

  • Character development / Strengthening identity
  • Benefit you and others through discipline and respect
  • Prevent conflict by being respectful to others so you will earn respect
  • Discipline is built upon respect and principles of nature for all things



Where is philosophy in our training?


  • In all our training and actions during in/outside of Do Jang (training hall)
  • Moo Do Chul Hak (philosophy), Sip Sam Seh, 8 Key Concepts, 10 Articles, Mission 2000

Why is philosophy important in our training?

  • Strengthening our character and identity
  • Helps guide our training to meet with the principles underlying the nature of the universe




Where are techniques in our training?

  • In all our training
  • In Hu Ri (application of the hip)
  • All publications from the Moo Duk Kwan

Why is technical proficiency important in our training?

  • Strengthening identity
  • Excellent tools for us to experience and find enlightenment in all above mentioned values
  • Effective techniques for Self-Defense based on the human physiology

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