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What are the costs?

Since we are currently not charging for classes we as that you purchase your equipment/uniforms though us. Our prices are comparable to any other school.

  • Soo Bahk Do – Uniform ~$35 depends on size and weight. Sparring equipment will also be required but not for starting
  • You will be required in the first month to join the US Soo Bahk Do federation. $79/individual, $137/family per year.
  • Sparring equipment after about 1-2 months  ~$50-$75 depending on what you get.
  • Gup testing fees – $25 for your first test $35 their after. We only have 10 ranks before black belt and this is spread out over 3-4 years min.


Soo Bahk Do

  • To test you must join the US Soo Bahk Do Federation. The first test is typically 30 days after starting and every ~3 month or more there after
  • Individual membership is $79/year, Family is $137/year, and Lifetime is $1000 – This is paid directly to the Federation
  • Testing fees are $35 which includes certificates, belts (if applicable), and processing/recording fees
  • Your first test is for 9th Gup and is only $25
  • Sparring gear ~$60-$100 (depends on size and quality)
  • Uniforms can be used until worn out or grown out. At Green belt(9 months+) and Red belt(~2 years) promotions, many students purchase new uniforms rather than sewing on the color trim. In the old days we sewed it on.  Uniforms start at $35 for light weight and ~$75-$85 for medium weight color with trim.

What is the difference between Soo Bahk Do and other Korean Martial Arts

We are the Mother art to many of them and strive to remember where we came from while leveraging technology.

First and for most we are NOT a sport and are highly standardized across the world. For more information please try the following links.

This can be look at as the predecessor to several styles such as Tang Soo Do and Teakwondo

Why one class a week?

As we grow so will our schedule.

What will I learn in your classes?

You will learn both arts, their traditions, their history, how to sweat a lot 🙂

You will also learn how to practically apply these arts to your everyday life be it dealing with the stress/pressure from an angry boss or a mugger on the street.

What is the difference between a Martial Art and Karate?

Karate is traditionally a Japanese style but in the US karate has become a generic term for all forms of Martial Arts and Sports involving kicking and punching.

No Contract?

We have no contract. If we are doing our job then our students will keep coming. We do offer incentives for longer commitments but do not require any contract just a non-refundable prepayment for the period. i.e. 3 months commitment will get you a free Soo Bahk Do Uniform.

Other schools require 6 or 12 month commitments with lots of lawyers to chase you down if you stop paying. This perhaps is a good way to do business but goes against our philosophy.

We may offer discounts if you make commitments of longer than 1 month.

We also will keep you at your current rate if you take some time off as long as you keep paying. We will apply your payments to future months but if you take a month off and come back you will be charged the current rates.

Promotions are also 1 time only and cannot be applied more than once unless otherwise stated.

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