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Ian getting his 2nd place medal for sparring autographed by the Grand Master in July 2012

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GoDaddy also has an SEO tool but I have not used this yet due to funds. It is only about $5/month but I need to get more revenue coming in first.

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Report ID:  #3902719
Load Time:  2 second(s)
Report Generated:  2012-04-27 20:11:25 GMT
Domain to verify:
Keyword to verify:  karate croton
Related Keywords:  goju te karate croton on hudson
Spell Check:  ok
Search Engine Placed Rank Competing Pages  First Url Found
Google yes 45 3,030,000
Yahoo! yes 36 0
Bing yes 5 39


Changed my keywords and content on first page:

33, 25,6 on the ranking


I have now create Facebook pages for Croton Karate and lets see what this does for my ranking on Google.

I also added the following keywords.

Wait over night and:



I think the keywords are to long and will reduce.


Peekskill Karate, Westchester Karate, croton karate, cortlandt karate, Upper westchester Karate, Peekskill Martial arts, Westchester Martial arts, Upper westchester Martial arts, Putnam Valley Martial arts, Peekskill Building confidence children, Peekskill Bully proof, Peekskill school Bullying, Peekskill Dealing with bullies, Peekskill Cyber bullying, Westchester Building confidence children, Westchester Bully proof, Westchester school Bullying, Westchester Dealing with bullies, Westchester Cyber bullying, westchester mixed martial arts, Peekskill Mixed martial arts, Peekskill MMA, Putnam Valley MMA, Peekskill Children Martial arts, Westchester Children Martial arts, Peekskill Fitness Kickboxing, Peekskill Martial arts, Peekskill fitness, Peekskill womens kickboxing, Westchester Fitness Kickboxing, Westchester Martial arts, Westchester fitness, Westchester womens kickboxing, Cortland manor womens fitness, Putnam Valley Womens fitness, Upper westchester Karate, Westchester Karate, Peekskill Karate, core fit, core fit, bootcamp, taekwondo, tae kwon do”


Changed to:

Peekskill Karate, croton karate, cortlandt karate, Peekskill Martial arts, Putnam Martial arts, confidence children,  Bully, school Bullying, Peekskill Cyber bullying, Peekskill MMA, Putnam MMA,,kickboxing, core fit, core fit, bootcamp, taekwondo, tae kwon do

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